In times of good rainfall, Fiji generates about half of its electricity from hydro power. That puts it among the leading nations of the world in making use of renewable energy.

But diesel fuel has to be used to generate the other half of the nation's electricity, and even more in times of drought. Diesel fuel is very expensive. In 2006, it cost the Fiji Electricity Authority almost $100 million.

Ten years ago, the cost of Fiji’s fuel imports (including fuel required to produce electricity) was less than 20% of the nation's domestic export earnings. In 2008 it was more than 80%. The cost of fuel is a major factor limiting growth in Fiji.

This website describes how geothermal heat may soon supplement hydro so that all the nation’s electricity can be generated from local, renewable resources. It also describes how electricity generated from geothermal resources will be the key to transforming Fiji’s economy and greatly increasing the wealth of its people. In the world economy it is energy and its availability that determines the individual fate of nations.

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>   how the huge rise in the cost of oil is strangling the Fiji economy, despite the high proportion of renewable energy already in use

>   how Fiji is lucky to be on the “ring of fire

>   how geothermal heat is turned into electricity

>   the advantages of geothermal power, including its all-important ability to constantly meet high demand for electricity (base load)

>   the types of renewable energy relevant to Fiji, and their significance

>   why geothermal has not been set up in Fiji before

>   geothermal’s environmental profile

>   Fiji’s first geothermal power projects

>   Geothermal Electric Limited, the Fiji company which is licensed to extract the heat from nation’s prime geothermal resources

>   and most important of all: how geothermal energy will not “just produce more electricity” but will be the crucial factor in driving in Fiji's economic development.

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Abundant energy = Fiji’s future

In the future global economy, there will be nations that are “haves” and “have-nots”, as there are today.  Above all else, energy and its availability will determine the individual fate of nations.

If geothermal electricity in Fiji is successful, Fiji can secure its energy supplies and industrial growth for the future, and choose to be one of the “haves”.

-- Matthew Huggan, Chairman, Geothermal Electric Limited.