Tim Daniel, CEO of Geothermal Electric Limited (right), and Jack Swan of Radial Drilling, inspecting drill bits to be used in drilling for geothermal this year.

About Geothermal Electric Limited

The following information is not a solicitation for securities, nor does it constitute a prospectus or part of a prospectus. Subject to any terms that may be required by law and which cannot be excluded, Geothermal Electric Limited accepts no responsibility for any loss, damage, cost or expense (whether direct or indirect) incurred by any person or entity as a result of any information on this website or any error, omission or misinterpretation in that information or arising from it.

Geothermal Electric Limited is a public limited company incorporated in Suva: Fiji Company Registration Number 16131.

The company is dedicated to exploring and developing Fijiís most promising geothermal resources at low cost, providing good returns on investment to the companyís shareholders, making an effective contribution to developing Fijiís economy, and helping to fight climate change.

Until recently, as a private limited company, Geothermal Electric Limited was a wholly owned subsidiary of Asia Pacific Resources Limited, a private mineral exploration and mining company incorporated in Suva which operates a mine (zinc, gold and other metals) in North Tailevu province and has been operating in Fiji since 1999. Asia Pacific Resources Limited is a world leader in low-cost mining development, enabling it to profitably develop mineral deposits that are normally considered to be too small to be developed by companies with a conventional high-cost structure. Geothermal Electric Limited is following similar practices. This includes having substantial specialist capabilities in relevant fields -- especially engineering, geology and finance -- within the company.

Geothermal Electric Limited is a fully independent public company that has no connection with any other energy company. In particular, it has no connection with any oil industry company and will not be seeking the involvement of any such company. It has no plans to publicly list, either on the South Pacific Stock Exchange or elsewhere.


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